IBP 3021-3032 Ghost Lover

Cadet Kif and I encountered the Ghost Lover on a Mars-like colonial world ceded to Earth by the Scillian Empire. It was a sexual encounter so intense that would fundamentally change me and overwhelm Kif to the point of suicide.

The Beagle was captive in the space dock above Martin’s World undergoing a refit while our two sublight pulse engines were down at an engineering station on the surface being rebuilt and recalibrated. They had become unsynchronized and would cause the Beagle to skew slightly during in-system maneuvers. We could correct course manually, but I didn’t want the problem to progress to the point it was unmanageable.

We’d heard from delegates from Martin’s that they had to abandon one of their outlying settlements as it was being established due to a predatory alien presence in the area. Their biologists had been unable to identify the species of alien and when we ran their DNA samples through our onboard database, we came up blank as well.

Because we had a few weeks before our pulse engines would be reinstalled, I assembled a security detail and we headed out for the abandoned settlement to investigate the alien.

In retrospect we should have got permission from Martin’s World authority to nuke the area into ash.

We ignored the warnings of local inhabitants about the alien they referred to as the Ghost Lover, telling us about both male and female victims being sexually and psychologically seduced by him and literally consumed - he only devoured his victim’s heads as the final crescendo of his sexual coupling with his victims. Eyewitnesses had reported his victims often begged him to devour them as they found themselves in sexual ecstasy as he penetrated their bodies.

But we were armed and would maintain alertness as we searched for this Ghost Lover.

I split our detail into teams of two to split up and search the half-finished buildings of the settlement. The dirt streets of the once future town were overgrown, and the interiors of the building were lousy with mould and dust.

Cadet Kif and myself were searching the shell of a building that had been partially insulated but still had exposed walls, and because our sensors detected no life forms or movement within we didn’t follow strict protocol. As Kif explored the main level and took mould samples, I climbed down into a cellar through a hatch in the floor. There was nothing down there and it was silent. I could hear Kif walking around above me.

As I was climbing back up out of the cellar I heard Kif gagging.

“Are you okay?” I called up to her. She didn’t reply, and I could hear a rhythmic movement from above. As I climbed out, I was careful to scan the room to locate her, and what I saw sent chills up my spine.

Kif was naked and an alien appeared to be fucking her as he bent her over a large island counter. What was shocking was it appeared the alien’s penis was sliding in and out of her mouth from the inside. He had penetrated her from rectum to mouth and was ejaculating across the counter.

I raised myself up, reaching for my sidearm and saw him holding Kif aloft, still impaling her on his penis. I could see she was conscious, but it looked like she was under the influence of a heavy narcotic and wasn’t resisting. He was opening his mouth and leaning forward toward her head when he turned suddenly toward me, obviously detecting my presence. I ducked down, unbuckling my sidearm when Kif suddenly appeared behind me, held aloft by the alien. I was startled as she dropped beside me and didn’t have time to draw my sidearm before I felt his large, clawed hands wrap around my face and turn my head toward him.

The odd thing was that as soon as he touched me all my apprehension and fear dissolved along with any thought of drawing my sidearm to defend Kif and myself. He caressed and turned my head tenderly and gently pressed his penis into my mouth which I opened like I would for a familiar lover. As he penetrated my throat and I felt and tasted his secretions I felt like I had entered a sensual dream with a masterful lover. I felt the rush of fresh love for him in that moment.

He throat-fucked me and I passively accepted it, feeling my own arousal growing to incredible heights along with physical waves of bliss that warmed my body and relaxed me to complete surrender. I felt myself losing consciousness and just before I went out I felt him ejaculate inside me and it bloated my stomach with liquid and the feelings of sexual pleasure and deep love intensified instantly.

When I came to, I felt him pulling me gently by my head over Kif’s naked body. I became aware that he had pulled my pants down and my naked bum settled on Kif’s chest. He tilted my head back and I saw his penis and eager for the bliss he had given me once more, I opened my mouth for him. I wanted to feel his cock in my throat once more - I wanted it deeper - I wanted him to fill me.

He penetrated me slowly, much deeper than the first time. I felt his penis slither all the way down my throat and into my bloated stomach, curling there then finding my quivering pyloric sphincter, prodding it open then sliding deeper into my small intestine. I was overwhelmed as I felt his penis slithering like a fat snake as it navigated the length of my intestines, bloating my belly tight, making my clothes feel too tight. The entire length of him began undulating inside me, having reached parts of me that had never been touched. As I gagged and heaved from this sweet invasion, I found myself experiencing long, throbbing orgasms that caused my cunt to squeeze out milky mucus to ooze down onto Kif’s chest, making it slick under my bum.

My orgasms grew closer together and more powerful as his penis squirmed through my ascending, transverse, and descending colon, and when I felt it swell in my rectum and open my anus wide to slither out of me, I reached complete surrender to what he was doing to me. I was conscious that this mouth to anus penetration could suffocate me, but death - in that moment - seemed a small price to pay for such saturating pleasure. I wanted to drown in the ejaculate he’d bloated my stomach with, I wanted it to fill my lungs as I choked and gagged on his insanely long penis and feel the undulations in my bowels and the sweet pressure on my uterus and cunt drive me to a state of constant orgasm, and yes; I wanted to feel his large mouth encase my skull and bite down slowly, crushing it in a bright explosion of light and intense sexual misery.

I was aware of Kif stirring beneath me and could hear her breathing, and I felt her lift her head and take the end of his penis into her own mouth once more. She too was hungry for the sensations and ecstasy he dispensed. As I felt his ejaculate pulsing down the length of him and the length of me as it flowed sensually through my core to gush from his long cock, I could hear Kif swallowing it down, greedy for it like I was.

Kif and I were willing participants in this all-consuming alien sexual encounter, and I felt a deep and profound love for the Ghost Lover and for Kif herself - my soul sister who was sharing this utterly blissful experience with me. I was convinced as I felt my consciousness fading, that both Kif and I would die together there on Martin’s World, and that realization was one that I welcomed; to die during such extreme pleasure was better than life itself.

But we didn’t die. One of the other teams had been trying to contact us on our comm unit, and when we did not respond they rushed to our location and their arrival caused the Ghost Lover to abandon us and flee. Our mobile health unit arrived quickly and though both mine and Kif’s hearts had stuttered to a stop, their herculean efforts restored us to life and they transported us both back to the Beagle’s intensive care ward.

We had both fallen into a deep coma.

I regained consciousness before Kif did and realizing I was still alive broke my heart. I sobbed and fought the ministrations of our health professionals, demanding they return me to the surface so I could complete my deadly sexual union with the Ghost Lover. I wanted to die with him inside me, to feel his mouth cover my head and his teeth bite down. Through much hormone therapy and psychological counselling, I made a partial recovery. I say partial because I never lost the desire to surrender myself to that alien once again, to feel what he made me feel for a last time as I died.

To this day, I must take injections of the alien hormone suppressing cocktail that our team created three times a day just to be able to function. I still want to die with the length of him transiting my entire core and my belly plump with his ejaculate.

Kif, it turned out, fared worse than I.

When she awoke from her coma five days after I did, she fell into a deep depression that kept her from returning to duty. She would beg anyone present to set her free and allow her to return to Martin’s World and find our Ghost Lover to couple with him a final time and to ultimately be devoured by him.

Our psychologist met with her daily to begin deep psychological therapy and our psychiatrist prescribed medications to dull her addiction. Neither helped.

I visited Kif once I myself was relatively stable and she was still a sexual wreck - she was sweaty and I could smell her arousal. They had her wrists and ankles in leather cuffs secured to the bed.

Because we had shared our encounter with the Ghost Lover and the residual oxytocin in my system and hers, I felt a kinship with her that was a confusing mixture of lust and love. I couldn’t stop myself from bending over her and kissing her open-mouthed and she returned the kiss. I took her hand and sat on the side of the bed.

“You can recover from this, Kif.” I assured her.

“No, Marg.” she sighed, “I really can’t. It’s in me - in me so deep that I feel it all the time. I want him in me again. Every cell in my body is hungry for him.”

“I know.” I said, “I do to, but the medications help.”

“They don’t help me.” Kif said, “I need to go back and complete this.”

“He’ll eat you.” I said, “Your head. Crush your skull in his mouth and chew and swallow. It will be the end of your life, Kif.”

Kif shuddered and curled her pelvis, looking like she was on the verge of an orgasm.

“I know.” she said, “And what a glorious death that will be. To have him inside me when he does it. Feeling my orgasms. Feeling his cock impaling me. Filling me completely.”

“Please stop.” I whispered, feeling my own arousal rising despite the medication I was taking to suppress it.

“You only took him down your throat.” Kif said, “And I know that feels so amazing. But taking him up the ass and feeling that sinuous cock slithering through your belly, filling it and making it feel stuffed and tight, then feeling it pushing everything inside you up your throat and out through your mouth, that is the ultimate penetration.”

“Kif ...” I began, but lost what I was going to say, feeling the flashback of his ejaculate bloating my belly and his cock slithering all the way through me.

“When you surprised him, he had me ready.” Kif said, “He was lowering his jaws over my skull as he kept me impaled, and Marg; I knew what he was about to do and I wanted it. I wanted it so bad - I begged him to hurt me. I wanted to feel that ultimate ecstasy as I died.”

I couldn’t take anymore, because my own addiction to the Ghost Lover was pulling at me hard.

“Kif, please stop.” I begged her, “I can’t take it, I really can’t.”

I let go of her hand and stood on wobbly legs.

“Please try.” I asked her, “Please try to get better.”

And I left her there.

It was three days later as the transport vessels were hauling our rebuilt and recalibrated sublight pulse engines up and installing them. Our shuttle was running back and forth between the station and the surface delivering some small parts needed for the completion when our medical team reported Kif missing; someone had removed her cuffs and she escaped the sickbay.

Scans showed Kif was no longer on the Beagle, so I knew she had found a way to return to Martin’s World, though I wasn’t sure how because her biochip had been placed on travel restrictions and if she entered one of the shuttles it should have set off alarms and that shuttle would have been put on lock-down.

It was when I visited the sickbay they showed me how she did it, she’d left behind a scalpel and her biochip chip, both still sticky with her blood.

I knew it was pointless, but I sent a security detail after her anyway, knowing where she was headed. They wouldn’t reach her in time; the Ghost Lover’s ritual would be shorter this time because she was already a willing sacrifice and didn’t need the prolonged infusion of his alien hormonal chemistry to prepare her.

We retrieved Kif’s headless body and departed Martin’s World and it was only at our next port of call that security intercepted the IBP broadcast of her death at the hands of the Ghost Lover. Shairn had sent a drone to follow her and record the visuals and sounds, which meant that Shairn had known she was returning to the surface and when. It wasn’t a stretch to understand that Shairn had played a role in Kif’s escape and her journey to complete her suicide by alien.

Kif had returned to the same building we had first encountered the Ghost Lover and lay down on the same island counter. As the Ghost Lover neared, Kif could be heard begging him to take her and when his impossibly long sex organ began to slither out from his body, she opened her mouth and took him deep. Her belly bulged with it as he fucked her throat and filled her with his hormonal semen.

When she was filled to bursting, he released her and she sat up quickly, vomiting up half of what he had deposited inside her belly. Then on wobbly legs, she walked to a ladder and climbed halfway up, laying herself belly down, with her bare bottom presented to her Ghost Lover. He took her anally, fucking her as his sex organ slithered through her body until it exited her mouth. Grasping her hips, he fucked her mercilessly, pulling her limp body to his and thrusting inside her. When he again withdrew his sex organ just enough to open her gullet and throat, Kif again vomited up the fluids he'd filled her with, crying out with orgasm after orgasm, seeming to be lost in the physical euphoria he was bring her. Then, still impaled by him, Kif again begged him; this time to finish her. With his mouth closing over her head, her body jerked hard and her pelvis curled tight with her final intense ecstasy as he crushed her skull and began to devour her.

I am ashamed to admit that I spent hours watching Kif’s last encounter with the Ghost Lover as I masturbated, knowing the ecstasy of that overwhelming invasive penetration that bloated her belly with the sinuous and undulating flesh of its impossibly long sex organ. Me imagining her shuddering, convulsive orgasms that felt like her soul was being consumed in a rapturous sexual storm that raged inside her while I gave myself orgasms that were pale in comparison with what Kif felt in her final moments. And marveling at the calmness of her as she asked the Ghost Lover in such a soft voice to hurt her so she could end her life in a final explosion of intense bliss and be devoured by this alien, masterful lover.

The only solace we could take was that Kif went to her death both willing and eager, and her final moments were euphoric and all consuming.

Captain Marg Lethbridge
Prisoner #8738621
Mansbridge Military Prison