IBP 3021-3032 First Contact

Our first contact for the IBP was at the Haddah Orbital Trade Hub in orbit around the planet G'rn Tlal'n, a location suggested to us in the files provided by Earth Central Council. Our scientists were excited and immediately began planet scans and a high atmospheric fly-by to take air samples.

There was nervous excitement throughout the Beagle, but especially in the IBP section where the girls were preparing for the first breeding attempts. The station was visited by dozens of sentient species, here for trade with the mining companies on the ore rich planet.

The security detail assigned to the girls made the wise choice to invite one of each of the three species on layover aboard our ship. They didn't want the girls on any planet until we knew what we were dealing with. The girls were left with choosing who would go first. In the end it was Mara, Tess, and Jool.

Mara walked naked to the cargo section to meet her alien whose name we could not pronounce - it was a gurgling growl cut short with a sharp click sound. He was huge and muscled, with skin like leather. He had a body similar to the B'taii delegation but without the horns, and like the B'taii, his penis was about 30 centimeters long and as thick as a girl's upper arm.

We were all surprised at the alien's inhibitions and immediate lust. Though we had prepared a padded breeding room, once the alien learned of Mara's intentions, he lifted her and mated with her right on the cargo deck.

His energy was high and his thrusts solid. Mara endured his physical onslaught like a trooper, reporting pain but with strong sexual feelings. "I had to press my hand down on my lower abdomen because it felt like his cock was going to burst my belly. I have never taken something that big before and he wasn't gentle."

Afterward she reported three orgasms during her mating session with the alien.

The alien Tess chose was a Golgorath, and he too did not stand on formality, but did manage to be led to the IBP mess kitchen on the pretext of sampling Earth cuisine before he mated with her - well, raped her really.

The Golgorath did not allow Tess time to disrobe - he ripped the crotch of her panties and threw her on a table and began a violent intercourse all the while growling and grunting. Soon Tess began to grunt as well from his violent thrusting.

We had a security team assigned to each girl, but as I was observing Tess and the Golgorath, I overheard some disorganized chatter on the security channel. I cornered the security Seargent and asked him to explain what is going on.

"Jool has returned to her quarters." he said, "The third alien didn't show."

"Just these two?" I asked.

"Yeah, and the Golgorath's two dogs." he answered.

"And where are the dogs?"

"That's what the fuss is about." he answered, his face flushing in embarassment, "We can't find them."

After ordering a section-wide sweep, I asked Tess if she was in danger.

"... no ... I'm good ..." she grunted her words - grunts that were getting weaker by the minute.

We searched for the dogs for over an hour before locating them in a maintenance crew shower room. What we found mometarilly stunned us; Trace McGuinn - one of our Environmental Technician Officers was on the shower floor, her bum up, with one dog thrusting into her rectum and felating the other dog's penis.

I kicked myself for missing the dogs while worried about the brutality the aliens were showing Mara and Tess. At the outset of our mission I vowed to myself as Captain that I would keep everyone safe. But now our first encounter of the IBP mission was quickly turning into a disaster. I had to pay more attention to small details.


"Trace? Are you allright?" I asked, preparing to pull the dogs off her.

Trace opened her eyes and looked up at me - she appeared almost delerious and nearing exhaustion.

"... oh god yes ..." she gasped after pulling back off the dog's penis in her mouth, then took it again past her lips and deep into her throat.

I watched Trace have three orgasms and was indeed exhausted by the time both dogs ejaculated inside her then padded off toward the shuttle craft bay to find their master.

As one of our medics checked out Trace, I received reports that Mara and Tess were also done and were being transported to medical. As the medical team reported Trace to be fine except some dehydration, I saw that when she climbed to her knees to pull up her tight uniform pants, about two cups of semen drooled from her anus.

"Did they force you, Trace?" I asked.

"Hell no, Captain." Trace said with a smile on her face, "I had dogs on the farm back on Earth, so when I saw them in the cargo bay and they were so friendly and tame I started playing with them - you know; running down the corridor being silly."

"How did that lead to this?" I asked, keeping any tones of judgment out of my voice'

"It was their smell." Trace answered a little breathlessly and got dreamy-eyed, "They smelt so musky and ... I don't know ... sexual. Then they started licking and ... it all happened."

Trace didn't seem the least bit ashamed or harmed in any way, but I still ordered her to report to Medical for a full physical in the morning and to debrief with our ship's Counsellor in the afternoon.

As I made my way back to my ready room, I could feel the flush on my face - not only were we not prepared for our first sexual contact, we failed at providing security for all our girls. I wanted to order us on to our next destination, but our science departments had not completed their own mission, so would have to lay-over for three more days.


In the quiet of my ready room I realized that the lay-over was just as well. I sent word to the heads of each security patrol to prepare a report for an 0600 debrief where we would make preparations for our next encounter. I visited Trace's quarters and found her sleeping contently. Then I made my way to the IBP dorms later that night to see how our three girls were doing, and found out they were all recovering with vaginal and anal tears, and some superficial bruising and scratches. But I also discovered that like me, they had debriefed and were preparing each other for our next encounter.

Captain Marg Lethbridge
Prisoner #8738621
Mansbridge Military Prison