IBP 3021-3032 - Dream

During our stopover at the Haddah Orbital Trading hub, I hosted a dinner for a number of diplomats of human type races. I wanting to back up a bit and give the girls a break before mating again with non-human type species - specifically species with extraordinary penis sizes. Now that we knew what we may encounter, the girls needed more time to prepare. One of the diplomats - Dar Mingo - was from a world named Dream to which he was returning after a long negotiation on another world.

Dar described his home as an idyllic world, with a universally high standard of living, high standard of health, and strong moral tenets of a single world religion. It sounded like a wonderful place to visit.

"Does your religion preclude casual sexual intercourse?" I asked him.

"It is complicated by your standards." Dar explained, "Sexual pleasure has no bounds or restrictions between husband and wife on Dream, but if you're asking - I can't allow you to conduct your interspecies breeding program on Dream. I can - however - invite you to visit Dream and witness for yourself a public sexual practice you may find interesting and even arousing. It will explain why we can't allow your breeding program."

Over the next days, Dar Mingo and I made arrangements for a visit and he provided copies of contracts for the crew members of our mission that I'd chosen for the visit. Each of us had to sign, it was a requirement for all visitors to Dream. One of the sections in the contracts was that no visitor was to have any sexual contact with any Dreamer and if they did, Dream laws would apply. There was no diplomatic immunity on Dream.

Our arrival on Dream was heralded by an honour guard and introductions to diplomats, members of their government and clergy. We spent our first day on escorted tours of significant landmarks, schools, and churches. Our scientists spent the day at one of their science institutes sharing knowledge and learning about their global weather control system - it only rained in the small hours of the night on Dream, with clear skies throughout the day and evening hours. It made for a perfect world-wide climate.

As the day progressed I came to learn that Dreamers are a male dominant society - women are delegated to raising families, keeping households, and being good, obedient wives. The only exceptions were older female school teachers who taught the girls their role in Dream society. All of the children were bright and well behaved, but it appeared there were three or four girls to every boy. Despite this, Dar assured me that Dream marriages were monogamous and endured for life. It was the way of their religion and the way of their society.

I noted that the females were quite dissimilar to males. Where the males of Dream were almost indistinguishable from human boys and men, the adult females were shorter and more voluptuous than typical human females, their eyes were overly large and their faces heart-shaped like children.

That night we all attended a formal banquet where we sampled a wide variety of Dream cuisine and were entertained by singers, musicians, and dancers. During a break in entertainment, I asked Dar about the lopsided male/female ratio. He assured me that all my questions would be answered when we attended the Choosing ceremony the next morning.

We spent the night onboard our shuttles and after breakfast we were chauffeured to an arena in a neighbourhood of the capitol city to witness a Choosing.

Dar ensured we had ringside seats in the crowded arena, and each of our crew had a junior diplomat to explain the Choosing ritual as it took place. In the centre of the arena sat a single ornate chair.

"The Choosing is one of the foundational elements of our faith and our society." Dar explained as a young man and two young women took their places in the arena and a priest announced them by name. The young man was fully dressed in what I assumed was ceremonial garb that included a chainmail jerkin and a long curved knife sheathed on his belt. The two girls however were naked except for some jeweled adornment that the younger of two wore.

"You see, Captain Lethbridge, you were correct in your observation that there are far more girls born on Dream than boys." Dar explained as the priest intoned a blessing on the two girls and the young man, "This means that young men can choose their mates when they come of age as this young man is doing today."

I noticed that the girl wearing the adornment was presenting herself as timid but flirtatious toward the young man, while the nude girl was oozing sexuality.

"Our faith teaches us that girls are born from man's dreams, and because we have no control over our dreams, females are given their nature as sexual creatures." Dar explained as the priest droned on about tradition and faithfulness in marriage.

"The blond girl certainly is." I said quietly to Dar who chuckled.

"Trust me, Captain Lethbridge, they both are as you will soon see." Dar smiled.

We watched as each in turn pledged their love and faithfulness to the young man if they were chosen.

"So the young man chooses between the two girls?" I asked.

"That is correct. He must choose wisely, for he has to live with that choice for the rest of his life." Dar said.

"How are the girls selected to be offered to the young men?" I asked.

"Oh! They declare themselves of course." Dar explained, "We do not arrange marriages on Dream. Each young person enters into the ceremony willingly. Some young men may have four or five girls declare for him, but must select only one."

The two girls knelt before the young man and gazed up at him as he spoke to each girl in preparation of his choosing, extolling their virtues, complimenting their beauty, speaking lovingly to each as he thanked them for declaring for him. As he did, I noticed that both girls moved their knees apart and a thick milky mucus began to drip from their vaginas. The crowd reacted to this, softly applauding the girls.

"They're sexually aroused." I whispered to Dar.

"Yes. All our women are very sexual, but these two are anticipating NOT being chosen and it is arousing them greatly."

"What happens to the girl not chosen?" I asked.

"She's put to death, of course." Dar said matter-of-factly, "Both girls have declared for this young man. It wouldn't do to have the unchosen one survive and continue to lust for the man she declared for - lustful unmarried women are a bane to any faith-based, stable society. Jealousy, unfaithfulness, broken homes are unheard of on Dream since the prophets arose centuries ago and created this ceremony."

I was speechless as I watched the ceremony, seeing both girls secreting more milky fluid that puddled under their round bums. Both girls began to tremble.

The young man finished speaking his part of the ceremony and reached out toward both girls, but at the last second he moved his hand toward the adorned girl and helped her to her feet and led her to the ornate chair to the cheers of the audience. As the new couple walked away, the blond girl shuddered in what I first thought was fear, but seeing her belly muscles rippling and her pelvis curl, I realized that she'd just had an orgasm.

Slowly she rose to her feet and unsteadily walked forward, then turned her back to the young man and faced her chosen rival. He in turn drew his long curved knife and reached around and held it before her throat while grasping her upper arm to steady her.

Being held by the young man, the girl leaned back as he laid the blade on her upper chest. The priest stood and again began to speak.

"The holy father is reading the girl her death rite, and commanding the young man to take her life gently and with love." Dar explained.

Under the droning of the priest, I could hear the girl's breathing become rapid and clots of milky mucus again began to drip from her. She was obviously excited by her part in the ceremony.

"She knows she's about to die?" I asked, tingles of shiver-bumps running up and down my body.

"She knows and is anticipating it with excitement." Dar said.

I heard the girl whisper something to the young man.

"Do it slowly. She said." Dar translated, "Make me last."

The priest completed reading the rite and blessed the girl, making a sign toward the young man, who in turn pulled the knife firmly against the girl's throat. Her initial reaction was one of surprise and a grimace of pain as the sharp blade bit into the skin of her throat. But at the same time larger clots of milky vaginal mucus - what our girls refer to as 'girl cum' - began to slip from between her thighs and drip onto the flagstones.

Despite her loud gagging, choking, and vomiting, the girl's pelvis curled forward rhythmically, and her girl cum continued to spatter on the flagstones. It was obvious that she was in the throes of an orgasmic experience.

The young man respected her request and sawed against her throat with almost lazy, long but shallow strokes allowing her to cycle through continuous pulsing orgasms. They seemed to be growing stronger as her body began trembling, then shaking.

Glancing at the chosen girl sitting on her chair, I saw she was trying to masturbate without being noticed as she watched her future husband cutting the throat of her rival. She was attempting to sit modestly with her hands in her lap, but from my angle I could see that one hand was buried in her crotch and the muscles of her forearm were working hard.

"It seems this is sexual for more than the girl dying." I commented quietly to Dar. He looked at me then followed where my gaze was fixed. He smiled.

"Yes, this ritual is arousing to most of our people." he answered then indicated an older couple in the stands close to the groom and his victim. I assumed they were husband and wife. The husband had his arm around the woman who was snuggling tight to him. The husband had snaked his hand through the armhole of his wife's robe and was obviously playing with her nipple on that side, while she was masturbating as they both intently watched the blond girl's throat be sawn.

"Parents of the groom?" I asked.

"No." said Dar, "That's their daughter having her final orgasms."

Dar studied my face and I hoped I wasn't as pale as I felt. Witnessing this was both unnerving and arousing.

"Why cutting the throat?" I asked to at least sound I was interested in a detached manner.

"Ah! It was genius how our forefathers arrived at that." Dar said, obviously proud of finer points of the execution of young women, "And it's beheading actually."

Dar shifted in his seat to face me. "Two hundred and seventeen years ago it was postulated by Manning the Kind, that the involuntary muscle contraction pattern from vomiting induced by cutting the throat was the same as occurs during an orgasm.

"Prior to that time, various methods of death were utilized, some that caused extreme pain and brutal body damage and took away from the sexual pleasure that was possible for the unchosen girls. But once Manning decreed that an extremely sharp blade was the only tool to be used at Choosing ceremonies, we found that the girls didn't struggle and enjoyed this new method of death."

"How did you know they enjoyed it?"

"The evidence is before your eyes." Dar gestured to the girl who was growing weaker from the pulsing orgasms and blood loss.

Her quivering had become so pronounced that her legs were growing weak and her body starting to slump. The young man was slowly lowering her to the flagstones as he continued to saw the knife across her throat, following the underside of her jawline.

Spurts of thick mucus continued to spatter the flagstones between her legs and as he lowered her to her knees a flood of urine mingled and spread the puddle.

As the girl knelt and sat on her heals, the young man grasped the hair atop her head and sawed through her neck, completely beheading her. The girl's belly continued to clench and relax in a sexual rhythm and produce girl-cum until her head was removed completely, then flopped forward, her soft body and breasts slapping wetly onto the flagstones.

After wiping the blood and vomit from the dead girl's mouth and chin, the young man carried the girl's severed head and held it up to her parents and recited something that was obviously part of the ceremony. The parents nodded to the young man who then bowed.

As the young man turned away, the mother hoisted her robe as the father opened his trousers. The mother then straddled the father and they began to fuck with a frantic release of built-up arousal. As soon as they started, I saw dozens of other couples begin to engage with each other all over the arena while others sat and softly applauded.

In the meantime, the young man took the unchosen girl's head and presented it to his bride to be. She took it with reverence, kissed the dead girl on the lips, then placed it on her lap facing outward holding it still with both hands.

I scanned our area looking for our crew members reactions. Everyone seemed fine with what they had witnessed, and some - encouraged by the Dreamers' open sexuality - were masturbating openly.

Afterward there was a catered reception at the arena hall and a number of our IBP girls asked if they could return to the ship. They were worried about the contract they had signed and their own persistent arousal after watching the Choosing ceremony. They needed time to process what they had witnessed and find relief from - as Shairn put it - the "hornies".

I granted permission and assigned a pilot to take them back to the ship and praised their decision as a wise one.

As the reception was winding down, Dar Mingo approached me and drew me aside.

"Captain Lethbridge, we have a problem." I studied his face and was about to ask the nature of the problem when he said; "Not here. Come with me."

Dar led me out of the reception hall and across the street to windowless stone building. Waiting for us was our own Ambassador, Stykus Trent, and Blair Cornerstone, the second in command of our Security Forces.

Dar placed his hand against a touch plate and the metal front door swung open. Down a marble floor hallway decorated with precious metal sconces and rich fabrics then into an elevator, Dar led us to a lower floor. The difference of this subterranean level was striking; the walls, ceiling, and floors were stark grey concrete and lighting was provided by harsh spotlights in the centre of the corridor. We passed many windowless metal doors with locking hasps on the outside, and at last came to one that two armed guards stood on either of. One opened the door and Dar led us inside.

Sitting on a iron cot with her head down and her hands clasped in her lap, was a young woman, dressed in a neo-tuxedo. When she looked up, I recalled her face.

"Kali." said Stycus like someone knocked the wind out of him, "What have you done?"

The girl's face crumpled and she started to cry.

"I'm sorry, Ambassador." Kali sobbed, "I'm so, so sorry."

I recalled seeing her around the ship and she'd impressed me as a shy but dedicated Administrative Assistant to the Ambassador. Not one to find herself being detained on a foreign planet.

Stycus turned to Dar.

"This is a fine young woman from a fine family." Stycus said, trying to work up some authority to his tone, "I demand that she be released into the custody of Lieutenant Cornerstone and returned to the Beagle immediately until we can sort this out."

"That is impossible, Ambassador Trent. Her charges are serious." Dar said.

"What are her charges?" I asked, keeping my voice calm but strong. Dar's face sagged and his voice softened.

"She had sexual relations with a Dreamer male who is married." Dar said softly.

"He told me he worked at the Terran Embassy!" Kali said loudly in frustration, "I've told you that over and over."

"So she had sex with one of her own species!" Stycus explained, "How does that make it a criminal matter? Your contract precluded sex with Dreamers, not humans."

Dar closed his eyes - he was in a difficult situation.

"He is a Dreamer, isn't he Dar?" I asked, feeling defeated before we could engage in the battle.

"Yes." said Dar, his voice betraying sadness, "He works at your Embassy as a translator. He is a Dreamer male married to a Dreamer female for the past seven years."

"He lied to me!" Kali sobbed, "I wouldn't have if I'd known. I have the utmost respect for your culture and the relationship we've developed with you, sir. Please let me go."

Dar sat on the corner of the built-in sink and lowered his head. "I can't." he said softly, "It's not within my power.

"Our Embassy Lawyers will represent Kali at her trial." Stycus stated.

"There is no trial." I said, "I was briefed about their judicial system on our way here."

"That's correct. Her guilt or innocence will be judged by a Tribunal of three Elders based on the evidence at hand." Dar explained what I already knew but our Ambassador didn't, "And the evidence leans heavily toward guilt; we have her confession, we have the husband's confession, and both were seen coming out from under the stands of the arena after the Choosing. A vaginal swab has been taken and tested and it is the semen of the husband."

Kali was crying quietly, her cheeks flushing as she stared down at her hands clasped in her lap.

"Will they grant leniency for her age and naiveté?" asked Lieutenant Cornerstone.

Dar shook his head. "Our laws and application of punishment are rigid."

Kali was going to be put to death.

"When does the tribunal meet?" I asked.

"Tomorrow morning." Dar said, "And if guilty, sentence will be carried out in the evening."

"I'd like to meet privately with our Ambassador and Lieutenant, then I'd like to meet with Kali alone." I requested of Dar, "She is one of my crew and her well-being is my responsibility."

"Of course, Captain Lethbridge." Dar answered.

We all left the cell and while Dar gave instructions to the guards, Stycus, Blair and I walked a ways down the corridor and spoke in hushed tones.

"Blair, between now and sunrise I want you to find out everything you can about this Dreamer and his wife. Kali was set up, I want to know why." I instructed, "I also want you to work on a plan to break her out of here."

"Captain, you can't …" Stycus sputtered.

"Shut up." I hissed at him, then to Blair; "Do it."

Blair nodded and strode down the corridor toward the elevator.

"Stycus, you fucked up. You should have given her a thorough briefing that included keeping her panties on." I chastised him, "For now, I need you at the Terran embassy. I want all their staff awake and working on strategies all night. If anyone there has favours they can call in, do it now."

"We can't pull a jail break." Stycus whispered.

"Probably not, but I need more than one option." I said, "Go. To the embassy. Now."

As Stycus walked away, I went back to Kali's cell where Dar was standing with the two guards.

"I'm sorry, Captain Lethbridge." Dar said. He wanted to say more, but appeared to have run out of words.

"I want to see Kali now, to see if she has any last messages for her family." I said purposefully to drive home that their legal system was about to execute a young innocent girl.

"Of course." Dar said and nodded to the guards.

Kali was still sitting on the cot, still worrying her hands. I sat on the bed beside her.

"Why, Kali?" I asked softly, laying a hand on her shoulder. She was quivering.

"It just happened." she said in a small voice. I let the silence hang there until she continued; "He sat beside me and was so friendly and nice. And watching the girl …" Kali blushed "… how she … well she was having orgasms as her throat was being cut. It … affected me."

Kali turned and looked into my eyes, her face open and candid and I saw the lust hidden behind her tears.

"And our girls …" Kali drew a shuddering breath, "… I saw the videos and talked to them in the lounge, even Trace. It all … aroused me."

Kali took a breath, then stared down at the floor.

"I'm not like this, Captain Lethbridge." Kali said sadly, "I'm a good girl. But it got inside my head."

And there is was; the IBP mission was infecting the other female staff aboard the ship like it infected Trace.

"I'll tell you something in confidence, Kali" I said softly, "It's in my head too."

Kali turned and looked at me again, her face crumpling, lower lip trembling as tears welled in her eyes again. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight as she sobbed.

"He said he was human." Kali said in a whimpering voice, I don't want to die."

"I know, sweetheart." was all I could say.

In the early morning hours I met with Stycus at the Embassy and learned that all their legal experts - both Terran and contracted Dreamers - had concluded that nothing could be done legally. They had petitioned the Tribunal, but were stonewalled; Tribunal members are kept sequestered from the outside world and would only examine the evidence presented by the Police in order to make their decision. If they found Kali guilty - and they likely would - the punishment would be death by decapitation.

Back at my own shuttle I met with Lieutenant Cornerstone privately. The Dreamer husband was named Horgh Tumlach, his wife Wunda. They were childless. He indeed worked as a translator at the Terran Embassy, and she volunteered at a local hospital. Blair had dug deeper and discovered that they had done this three times in the past; each time while on vacation. Horgh would seduce a young female and Wunda would report it to the Police. The girl would be arrested and found guilty and decapitated.

"And what happens to Horgh?" I asked.

"Very little." Blair answered, "He has to attend counselling at a temple and vow to not be unfaithful again. Then Wunda must forgive him, which she does each time."

"Why do they do it?" I asked.

"I don't know for sure. Their neighbours don't like them but they wouldn't talk." Blair answered, "But I suspect it's a sexual thrill - going back to her choosing - replaying that thrilling moment. And I think Wunda collects the heads."


We sat in silence, thinking of Kali's head being presented to Wunda simply to arouse her.

"Were do we stand on a military option?" I asked Blair.

"I've run a number of scenerios through the operations computer, and the best has only a seven percent chance of success." Blair said, seeming embarrassed by her failure, "If we had the Embassy's backing and enough military ships in orbit to maintain a blockade, we might succeed. But there is no chance of that happening."

Blair looked at me, her usual hardened expression giving way to sadness, "Kali is going to die, Captain."

I had to accept it. There was nothing we could do to prevent a crew member's death.

"I have another mission for you, Blair." I said to her, "It's off the books, and if you're not comfortable with it, you are welcome to say no."

I told her …

The Tribunal met in private an hour later. They reviewed the evidence and found Kali guilty. Sentence would be carried out that evening, two hours after her last meal.

I requested that Kali's head and body be turned over to the Embassy to be returned to her family for a proper funeral ceremony. This was denied; We could have Kali's body, but her head would be presented to Wunda for the "wrong" she had suffered.

They would allow me to visit Kali before the execution, and to witness it if I chose. I chose to - it was my responsibility.

Midway between Kali's last meal and her execution, Dar met myself and Dr Juun, one of our biologists, at the Justice building. This time there was a larger security presence and we were both searched before being allowed entry. Dar questioned Dr Juun's instruments, and she answered. Agreeing, Dar and two guards escorted us to Kali's cell. Dar paused outside Kali's cell door.

"Captain." Dar said quietly, "When passing sentence, the Tribunal granted a mercy for your crew member. As they grow older, some of our females lose the ability to produce the neurotransmitters and hormones that escalate arousal. We have been able to synthesize these in an injectable solution."


"We began giving Kali these injections this morning right after the verdict, and every two hours since." Dar had the decency to blush.

"Without my permission?" I asked.

"We had hers." Dar explained, "Once we told her what they would do, Kali agreed. We have been giving her as much privacy as we can. It's a kindness, Captain. Believe me."

Dar then pressed a button the activated the cell sound system. We could hear Kali panting. Dar pressed the intercom button.


"… ye-e-es? …" even through the speaker her voice was breathy and tremulous.

"Captain Lethbridge is here to visit."

"… in a minute …" Kali gasped.

"… okay …" Kali said at last.

Leaving Dr Juun in the hallway, I entered. The close quarters of the cell reeked of a blend of human body smells; stale and fresh sweat, vaginal discharge, and even that slick musky odour of anal sex.

Kali was sitting on her cot, the sheets and blankets in disarray, her neo-tuxedo, exposed skin, and hair damp with sweat. She smiled up at me.

"You seem in better spirits than last night." I observed, sitting beside her on the bed. She reeked of arousal.

"I am." she admitted, "It doesn't mean I'm not scared, I am. But I've been ... distracted."

"The injections."

"Yes." Kali said without blushing, "I didn't sleep at all last night, but today after the injections … it was all good."

"Have you eaten?"

"Yes. They've fed me well. All sorts of delicacies and fruit juices." Kali reported, "The injections even make eating sensual, so I've kind of overdone it." Kali patted her slightly distended belly that was tight inside the waistline of her top.

"I want you to be prepared, Kali." I said gravely, "The injections may not help with the pain."

"I think they might." Kali said, blushing this time, "I've been … rough with myself."

I looked at her fingers and could see dried blood on the skin and under her nails.

"Do you have a message for your family?"

"Yes. Tell my mom and dad and my sisters that I love them." Kali said, "And that I died in service to my mission."

I nodded, then; "About that, Kali. I have Dr Juun outside. She'd like to implant a sensor in you so we can monitor and record what you're feeling - all of the IBP girls have one. It is imbedded into the temporal bone behind you ear and only hurts for a second."

"So I'm a science experiment now?" she asked with a wry smile.

It was my turn to blush.

"It's okay, Captain." Kali said, touching my knee, "I was steasing. I'll do it."

"If …" the words caught in my throat, "… it's overly painful, we can use this evidence in a petition to the Dreamer government to disallow this in the future as cruel and unusual punishment."

"I understand." Kali said.

I rose and rapped on the door and the guards allowed Dr Juun in. While I stood and leaned against the sink, Dr Juul sat beside Kali and imbedded the sensor and looked at the readout on her remote recorder.

"You're sexually aroused right now, correct?" Dr Juun said, looking at the various coloured bars on the small screen.


"You're feeling some pain in your nipples."

"Yes, but it's a good pain."

"Your digestive system is highly active and your stomach is empty."

"Yes, it's growling. They're bringing me more juice and a snack."

Dr Juun lightly stroked Kali's forarm with one fingernail. Shiver-bumps rose on Kali's skin.

"Tingly?" Dr Juun asked.

Kali giggled, "Yes."

Dr Juun packed up and rose to leave; "I have what I need."

Once we were once again alone, Kali stood up and looked at me, "They tell me you'll be there?"

"Yes, Kali."

Kali walked to me and embraced me tight, pressing her face against my chest.

"I'm glad. I didn't want to do this alone. Tell everyone I died well." she said, "Even if I don't."

"I will." I hugged her.

As I was leaving, Kali was back on her cot, lying on her back, unzipping her trousers.


"Yes, Kali?" I didn't look back, giving her privacy as I heard her peel her trousers and panties off.

"You really should negotiate with the Dreamers to export those synthetic injections."

I left the cell and walked down the corridor with Dr Juun, who was watching the readout.

"She's masturbating." she said quietly.

"Good." I answered.

We waited in the lobby for half an hour before Dar came to escort me to the execution chamber. Dr Juun was not permitted to be a witness, but with an earbud, I would be able to maintain two-way communication with her as she monitored Kali's emotions and sensations.

I was led to a small observation chamber, with one glass wall through which I could see the slightly larger execution chamber. Its floor and walls were tiled - for easier clean-up I guessed. I sat in the solitary chair as Dar excused himself and closed the door.

"How's our girl doing?" I asked quietly.

[[She's walking and she's scared.]] - Dr Juun's voice was clear in my ear.


[[It's there, but low.]]

The blue door in the execution chamber opened, and the executioner entered followed by Kali, being guided by two guards holding her upper arms. She was naked from the waist down and her inner thighs glistened with moisture - I suppose they caught her mid orgasm. In the centre of the small room the guards pushed down on her shoulders, forcing her to kneel on the hard tile floor.

[[Anxiety is rising.]]

I saw that Kali was trembling - her thighs were jiggling as she knelt. The guards were waved off by the executioner and Kali stayed on her knees with her hands on her thighs as the guards departed and closed the door behind them.

The executioner moved to stand behind her, and gently grasped the hair on top of her head, lifting her chin up so her throat was exposed.

[[Anxiety going through the roof. She's terrified.]]

"It's about to happen." I said quietly. I could see Kali's throat working as she swallowed repeatedly.

Kali shuddered as the executioner placed one foot on her left hip and pressed down - no doubt to keep her in position if she struggled - then brought his knife to the centre of her throat.

He paused then, and I could hear Kali's breathing and soft moans through the speakers on the wall.

The executioner pulled his knife tighter against Kali's throat and I saw the first indication of blood. Kali did her best to remain still, but was obviously in distress, crying out softly.

[[Pain. Anxiety peaking.]]

I saw the instant the knife broke through the cartilage of her trachea and the executioner began to saw into the soft meat of her gullet. Kali started gagging and heaving, her stomach rolling.

[[Wow. Lot's going on; arousal rising fast, anxiety dropping, stomach convulsing, vaginal muscles clenching, strong peristalsis in her bowels. She's being flooded with sensations.]]

Kali was pissing herself, coughing and heaving as the executioner continued to saw into her throat.

[[She's cumming ... sorry ... hard orgasm, pulsing high. Anxiety and pain gone.]]

Suddenly her pelvis curled and she vomited a gush of fruit juice.

[[Whatever just happened sent her orgasm roaring. I've never seen anyone cumming this hard.]]

As the last of her vomit flowed down her chin, Kali's eyes rolled up in her head and she slowly arched her back, pushing her belly outward, her hands opening and closingon air. The executioner kept sawing, the blade sliding back and forth inside her gullet. After a few more heaves and burps she vomited again, the spray of fruit juice arcing up and over her chest and belly.

[[Still cumming hard. In peaks, high, then rising off the scale. This is amazing, Captain.]]

The executioner's blade finally found her jugular vein and blood gushed from her throat. She gurgled and her body suddenly slumped, the executioner holding her upright by her hair as he continued to saw into her throat. Girl cum was dripping from her crotch and her body slumped - her belly pooching out, her thighs and arms falling limp, her mouth dropping open. Even her eyes opened and stared blankly under heavy lids. I heard her anus gape open and she lost control of her bowels.

[[Whoa ... her orgasm just went global throughout her body. This girl is in total ecstasy.]]

"Kali is soiling herself." I reported to Dr Juun.

[[Total surrender it seems. She's still cumming hard, but now her hippocampi and her cortex are absolutely sparkling. I wonder if it's that 'life passing before the eyes' thing?]]

I watched as the executioner sawed through her vertebrae, her body jerking and trembling.

[[Fading now. Everything is fading. Slight flickering of anxiety.]]

Kali's head pulled loose from her body, dripping blood and saliva, held up by the executioner as her body flopped backward, her legs still folded under her.

[[Now she's in a gentle dream state - no anxiety at all. Body sensations are gone. Vision fading, but she's feeling good. Blissful.]]

Her head still held by the executioner, Kali's eyelids were flickering as she stared straight ahead.

[[Pleasure centre still active but falling. Falling. Falling. There, she's gone flat line.]]

I suppose in the end, Kali did die well.

Captain Marg Lethbridge
Prisoner #8738621
Mansbridge Military Prison

Captain's Personal Log - Dream Incident

As soon as Kali's body was cleansed and delivered to our shuttle, we departed without fanfare. On board the Beagle I had Kali's body taken to medical, then ordered the ship under way. We took a curved heading toward the outer reaches of the solar system until we disappeared from Dream by passing the terminator of a large gas giant.

I then ordered he ship dead-stop then a short burst from our hyper-drive engines to leave a FTL signature for any instruments on Dream to collect - as far as their sensors would know. we went FTL and out of their system. I then ordered all ship communications to go dark, and all sensor systems to switch to passive scans only.

We waited.

It took sixteen hours for Lieutenant Cornerstone's single occupant shuttle to reach us. As soon as it was detected, I went to the shuttle bay to greet her.

The skin of the small shuttlecraft was still pinging as its temperature normalized when Blair opened her hatch and climbed out. Reaching in and gently picking up a soft leather sack, she turned toward me.

"It went as planned?" I asked.

"Exactly." Blair reported, "I'll take Kali to medical myself."

I reached out and touched the sack containing Kali's head. I was confident our surgical team could reattach it to her body before it was placed in its coffin for shipment back to Earth on the next available cargo ship.

"And the rest?" I asked Blair.

"Wunda was enjoying her prize when I arrived." Blair said, "I made sure she knew what was about to happen to her and why."

I suppressed a shudder, even though I knew what I ordered Blair to do was justified.

"The Police were notified anonymously." Blair reported on the mission that would not be entered into the ship log, "When they arrive, they will find the murder weapon with Horgh's fingerprints and DNA on it and his clothing with his DNA and Wunda's blood on it buried in their garden. They'll find Wunda in their cellar, just as I left her."

Blair Cornerstone followed orders with a precision that was admirable (and somewhat frightening). I planned to ensure that her next performance review would contain a recommendation for promotion.

Captain Marg Lethbridge
Prisoner #8738621
Mansbridge Military Prison